PetSaver: $130/person

                       $115/person for existing YPP clients

Hiking & Walking:  Call/Email for Promotional Pricing

*Email for Fundraising Options to benefit approved 501 c 3 groups*

Class Rates

Students in the PetSaver class learn all of First Aid & CPR with lots more additions! Students are taught safety and prevention tips, caring for senior pets, dental hygiene, Snout-to-Tail Assessments and a ton more! Students leave class with a two year certificate. Classes offered year-round. 

Pet First Aid & CPR

PetTech Instructor #2150

Students in the Pet First Aid & CPR class learn how to handle life-threatening situations they may find their pets in. Topics ranging from bleeding to rescue breathing are taught in a hands-on learning environment.  
Students leave class with a two year certificate. This material is covered in the PetSaver classes.

Hiking & Walking

This two hour class is packed with all the information you need to have safe and successful hiking trips with your four legged friends! Students will learn basic emergency necessities and handling a variety of pet emergencies, including: insect bites, broken bones, allergic reactions and snake bites. Classes offered on promotional basis only.

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