Paisley serves as Junior Pack Leader for Yellow Paw Prints. Paisley supports and reinforces Bailey’s commands and leadership while teaching other dogs how to play and extinguish negative energy through high energy exercise. Paisley has a year and half of experience working with other dogs and providing a friendly, fun atmosphere.  She specializes in behavior reinforcement, running, playing keep away, and boxing. 

Bailey is Senior Pack Leader for Yellow Paw Prints.  Bailey plays a vital role in welcoming new dogs to the pack and guiding them through social cues and teaching them proper house manners. Bailey has over 6 years of experience teaching, guiding and leading other dogs through socialization cues and reinforcing good behavior and guiding bad behaviors when necessary. Bailey has aided in the training and adoption of several foster dogs during her 6 year career.  She specializes in socialization, proper introductions, boxing, and supervising from the couch. 

Since then, Ashley has finished her degree at Queens University of Charlotte and LSU. Ashley worked for a law firm during her time in school and transitioned in to the engineering field upon graduation.  During her studies, Ashley actively engaged in volunteer work with animal rescue where she transported, trained and fostered dogs that needed homes.  Ashley remains in touch and has supported several Veteran groups over the years to include Charlotte Bridge Home and Semper Fi Fund.

 Since graduation, Ashley left the engineering field and started her own business- Yellow Paw Prints- where she provides Concierge pet care, dog training, teaches Pet CPR & First Aide, and is an Independent Contractor for K9s for Warriors out of Point Vedra, Fl.  Ashley is a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and PetTech Certified Instructor for Pet First Aide & CPR. 

 Ashley owns 2 Boxers- Bailey and Paisley- which have been her co-pilots and business partners in her endeavors with animals.  

Senior Pack Leader: Bailey

Junior Pack Leader: Paisley

​Ashley served in the Marines from 2004-2011 before moving to Charlotte, NC.  Her job was an 0621, Field Radio Operator, and she cross trained in security while serving overseas in Fallujah, Iraq.  Ashley was deployed from 2007-2008 and provided support in Headquarters Battalion as the radio operator for the Combat Operations Center (COC) full time.  Ashley was frequently sent out into the city of Fallujah and surrounding areas with the infantry attachments.  Ashley was a part of a Female Search Team (FST) sent to engage with women in the local area by way of searching for suicide vests and other explosive devices; community relations; and additional security support for the infantry units she was attached to.  

 One of Ashley’s last duty stations was in Charlotte, NC with 4th Maintenance Battalion. Ashley participated in training exercises and provided communication expertise and support for the local reserve Marines in and around Charlotte.  Ashley was Honorably Discharged in 2011.


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