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First Aid Kit Contents List 

Dressing and Bandages: 

1. Adhesive Tape (1 inch roll)

2. Gauze Pads ( 3 or 4 inch square)

3. Gauze Rolls (2 inch for small pets, 3 inch for big dogs)

4. Triangular Bandages

5. Individually Wrapped Sanitary Napkins


6. Digital Thermometer (write your pet's name on it and check batteries 2x/year

7. Scissors (blunt end)

8. Tweezers

9. Eye Dropper

10. Syringe (12cc with needle removed)

Ointments, Disinfectants & Medications:

11. Antihistamine (gel caps in blister pack, poke hole in cap & squirt in to pet's mouth)

12. Antibiotic (triple) Ex: Neosporin

13. Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)

14. Vinegar or Baking Soda (a mild alkali for neutralizing burns caused by acids)

15. Activated Charcoal (for absorbing poisons)

16. Petroleum Jelly (or other sterile lubricant for thermometer)

17. Kaopectate 

18. Chemical Ice Pack

Miscellaneous Equipment & Supplies:

19. Small Flashlight

20. Needle Nose Pliers

21. Q-tips

22. Betadine Solution

23. Razor Blades

24. Extra Leash and Collar

25. Muzzle

26. Plastic Bags (for clean up or samples)

27. Permanent Marking Pen

28. Photo of you and your pet

29. Towel or Blanket (large enough to transport pet)

30. Gloves (Latex or Nitrile)

These are only recommendations and suggestions to include in your Pet First Aid Kit.  The contents of your kit may vary based on your pet's needs!